Dutch Fork Choral Society Warms Up Your Winter

August 30, 2023

Dutch Fork Choral Society Winter Concert poster showing stylized pine trees in the background with details of the concerts which are also available on the website.

The Dutch Fork Choral Society is kicking off a new season of singing with a new Artistic Director. Experienced choral singers welcomed and no audition required! By the time winter arrives, we will be concert ready and we’ll be happy to warm you up with a mix of familiar Christmas carols, excerpts from Handel’s Messiah, and some other beautiful music. There just might be a carol sing also for those audience members who may not have time for rehearsals but love the occasional opportunity to sing.

If you live in the Dutch Fork area, including Chapin, Irmo, and beyond, we’d love to see you!

Watch our December 8, 2023 concert at Lake Murray Presbyterian Church.

Watch our December 10, 2023 concert at Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church.

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    1. Hi Karen,

      I think it would be very difficult to participate if you didn’t read music. I’ve known some very gifted musicians who couldn’t read music but all of our rehearsals focus on the music we’re learning, going to specific pages and sections.

      Not being able to read music probably is less of an issue when performing alone as you can listen and learn.

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